E-Commerce Tops Digital Marketers’ List of Social Media Goals for 2014 Holiday Season


With an 8% increase in holiday shopping expected in 2014, brands are gearing up to capture consumers and cash in on a piece of the holiday pie. An estimated $ 650 billion will be spent during November and December, therefore a number of digital marketers are investing heavily in the power of social media to make a significant impact on consumer spending with their particular brand.

We at Offerpop recently conducted a survey of more than 120 digital and social media marketers from a variety of brands. The results revealed that social media has become a trusted and key element to a successful holiday marketing campaign. Digital marketers are developing a strong social media strategy, leveraging user-generated content, and driving social commerce in an effort to drive influence customer purchase decisions.

The results of the survey are featured in the infographic below. As you can see, driving sales and extending brand reach are priority #1 for brands (you could say ’tis the season of ROI). Despite the rise of new social networks, Facebook will dominate social spending this holiday season, including a larger investment in advertising and campaign strategy for many brands. Although Facebook is the top network, Instagram is the breakout social network of 2014, and plenty of digital marketers are or should plan to invest in the power of the network. It’s UGC generation capabilities cannot be touted enough.

Still, surveyed marketers are not in a rush to invest too much in the next untested markets. So while you can expect to see or experience a Snapchat campaign, for instance, marketers are not ready to fully commit to specialty social platforms until they are time-tested.

To download the full report and its analysis, visit this link.

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