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I have been working hard recently on launching a new service called Profixo. Profixo is an e-commerce solution that aims to make selling online more accessible to smaller businesses by taking small monthly payments rather than a large upfront fee. To celebrate the launch I created an infographic (see below) and this slideshare.

The infographic aims to help small businesses understand why they should be selling online, and why taking mobile devices and social media into consideration is important. People are spending more and more online every year, and ignoring this change in spending is a big mistake if your business relies on selling products.

I feel that the statistics in this infographic speak for themselves. According to The Office of National Statistics (UK) Consumers spend around £1 in every £10 shopping online. Thats 10% of the money consumers are spending and I only expect that to increase.

I also think it is crucial that businesses understand the importance of having a responsive design. People are increasingly using mobiles to shop online and already you are excluding a significant number of potential customers if you are not accounting for this.

Social media is also very important if you sell products, whether online or offline. People use social and search more and more to conduct product research and decide what to buy. If your business sells product then it’s important that you find out where your customers are online and reach them there.

One thing I do feel i should point out here: setting up an e-commerce website alone isn’t likely to get you anywhere. You need to market your website online so that you are actually reaching people. It’s surprising how many small business owners I have met in the past that have tripped up here. Don’t make that mistake.

Why not take a look at the infographic below? And feel free to add it to your website. All we ask is that you include a link back to the source (Profixo). Enjoy!

E Commerce Statistics Infographic image e commerce

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