Dutchman Arrested in Connection With Massive Cyberbunker DDoS Attacks


hackers, spamhausA Dutch citizen was arrested yesterday in Barcelona in connection with March DDoS attacks on behalf of rogue hosting service Cyberbunker that were aggressive enough to threaten the core infrastructure of the Internet, according to a Dutch press release.

(Full disclosure: We read a computer-generated English translation.)

The house where the man, identified as S.K., was living was searched, and computers, drives and mobile phones were seized.

The attacks appear to have stemmed from a dispute between Cyberbunker hosting service and Spamhaus, an informal anti-spam group that publishes a blacklist of spammers and the services that support them.

According to security researcher Brian Krebs, the man arrested was likely Sven Olaf Kamphuis, who was quoted as a representative of Cyberbunker in the New York Times article about the digital attacks. Kamphuis’s Facebook profile picture appears at left.

The investigation was conducted in the Netherlands by the High Tech Crime Team. S.K. was arrested in Spain with the help of Eurojust, an E.U. judicial collaboration, and is expected to be sent to the Netherlands for trial.

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