Try an alternative to your usual place of cocktail worship and jump along to the creative Canvas Bar in trendy Shoreditch. It makes for a different experience and allows you to fawn over beautiful artwork created by local talent. It’s a bit like an educational bar – you should be able to have a degree in it! 

Canvas Bar, Old Street

In Three Words: Creative, Varied, Welcoming

The Lowdown: For all those that like to enjoy their cocktails with a bit of a culture-hit, get yourselves down to Canvas Bar in Shoreditch. With an emphasis on creativity that extends from the drinks list to the walls, this is the place to go and appreciate new talent in the world of art.

Designed as a space in which to appreciate a passion for art, cocktails and fashion; Canvas Bar will certainly appeal to lovers of design. New exhibitions occur every few months, so there’s always something fresh to admire… and the extensive cocktail list, divided up according to the whims of your taste-buds, will have you twitching in anticipation.

Your Plus One: If you’ve got a friend who’s constantly in the know about what’s going on in the artsy world then bring them here and show off how cutting edge you can be. After all, most galleries don’t have such a friendly, relaxed vibe to them. Also, bring that drinking partner that always goes for the same old cocktail – with such a brilliant selection we defy them not to exit their comfort zone and try something different.

The Decor: Upcycled and vintage chic abounds, from the likes of vintage Italian tiled floors and amazing tables made from the shells of bombs – yes, bombs. This is set off nicely by New-York-esque exposed walls that look great combined with pops of colour from the art work.

Canvas Bar - Old St

Cocktail Highlights: It’s a case of listening to your taste-buds and deciding what you’re most in the mood for – something sweet, sharp or bold? I heartily enjoyed the Wild Angel – combining whisky, passion fruit and my favourite hazelnut liqueur, Frangelico.

Something to Soak Up the Booze: Popcorn is available to nibble on, but c’mon – eating is cheating for the arty set! It’s all about those cocktail creations…

Burning a Hole? With drinks averaging at about £8 you can still have money to pop in your piggy bank for that big art investment one day.

Canvas Bar drink

Overall: The idea of an ‘art bar’ in East London might put people off – posing all evening can be a tiring thing, don’t you know. But luckily that’s not an issue with Canvas Bar. The whole atmosphere is fun, friendly and welcoming – thanks in large part to the staff in their jaunty bowler hats. The fact that it’s not underground and has a large, open space to appreciate also does wonders for the general relaxed vibe that this place has in paint-buckets.

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