‘Downton Abbey’ recap: Downton, you’re breaking my heart




Note: This post contains information about the latest episode of Downton Abbey, which has started airing its final season in the UK. American viewers can watch the final season starting Jan. 3 on PBS.

I keep thinking about the first season of Downton, and the giddy joy it made me feel — from the set, the characters, the bubbling subplots that threatened to explode and form new sources of tension.

I remember laughing out loud with friends at the thinly veiled gibes, gasping when something horrific happened (inevitably to someone kind) and feeling elated when crisis was averted.

We also laughed at the Very British Silliness of it –- it was uniting in the same way that X-Factor was uniting. You could laugh both with and at it. Ultimately, Downton Abbey was bloody good fun, and I had bloody good fun watching it Read more…

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