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Don’t even start trying to make “Trep” happen


Heading back to San Francisco from Las Vegas a few minutes ago, I spotted this crime against language on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine.


“15 signs you’re a ‘trep.” There just aren’t enough circles of hell.

You can just imagine the editorial meeting:

Wanker #1: “I just think we need to ‘own’ the ‘entrepreneur’ ‘brand’, bro.”

Wanker #2: “Oh, yeah, totally… But… uh… how do we do that, bro?”

Wanker #1: “Bro! What if we call entrepreneurs ‘Treps?”

Wanker #2: “Bro, that’s genius, bro! And it totally sounds waaay less French than Ontreypren-oo-r.”

Wanker #1: “Totally! And we can totally have special issues! Like ‘Trep Style and ‘Trep Travel and ‘Trep… uh…”

Last remaining person in possession of a soul at Entrepreneur magazine: “…throat?”

Wanker #2: “Totally!”

God, I’d love to have been a landmine on the wall at that meeting.