Dogs vs. Cats: Which Pet is Better for Your Social Profile?


Photo by Chaz Cruz

In a survey of 1,000 pet parents on Kloof, men’s profiles were 78 percent more likely to be clicked on when their photos depicted a selfie with a dog, rather than a cat. While you’re at it, make sure it is a larger dog, as 64 percent of women surveyed said they liked men with big dogs vs. small dogs.

Even the presence of cats appeared to be better than no pets whatsoever, since 76 percent of women favor profiles of men pictured with their pets. The survey was conducted by Kloof, a social app for sharing cute pet photos. The randomly selected participants were mostly female — 730 compared to 270 men. Perhaps that also indicates the number of female users on Kloof — or just the likelihood of women answering surveys on social apps?

In real life, dogs and cats are magnets for both men and women so it’s no wonder that they are attractive in the digital world too. Three out of four dog owners think their pups improve their relationship with others. Jane Chung, co-founder of Kloof, said: “Pets provide a neutral and favorable buffer for conversation between people. It feels safe, too. Just because a guy is asking about your dog doesn’t mean he’s hitting on you, and vice versa. You can’t go wrong with posing with a pet.”

Of course, it’s obvious why pets improve interactions, favorably. Chung added, “Pets are fuzzy and cute. When people see photos of the opposite sex interact with pets, they feel warm, loving and friendly.”

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