Does President Obama Fear Hillary Clinton More than a Republican President?


No, he doesn’t, but it’s probably a closer call than you think. President Barack Obama would love for a Democrat to follow his Presidency to protect his legacy. However, he really hopes that it’s someone other than Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate who could hurt his place in history almost as much as most of the Republicans.

Let’s call it the way that it really is. President Obama clearly never liked President Bill Clinton and even resented the notion that he needed his support to win reelection. The only major Democrat he likes even less is Hillary. Her appointment as Secretary of State was part of a deal to get her support in 2008 and more importantly the support of the powers behind her.

That’s all history that has been covered. Looking to the future, President Obama sees Clinton as the ultimate Democratic threat to his legacy. Being the first black President is a major accomplishment but it would be overshadowed by the first female President. That’s not a huge deal but it’s in the back of his mind. That’s the petty stuff. Now let’s look at what’s real.

As National Review pointed out, Joe Biden would be considered an extension of the Obama mandate while Clinton would be a “new new deal” who would try to overshadow Obama’s Presidency. She is against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (as is Bernie Sanders), already attacked the President’s stance on immigration, and nitpicked about Obamacare. She’s supported his gun control perspectives but would be the President who made them a reality on her own. Biden, on the other hand, would simply be continuing what he had already tried to do with the President.

Most importantly, Clinton is incompetent and the President knows it. He’s seen first hand that she’s not capable of Presidential leadership. Moreover, she will likely blame the trouble’s she’s certain to have on a combination of the Republican Congress and her predecessor’s inability to bridge the gap. That’s right – Hillary Clinton will throw President Obama under the bus and he knows it.

If she absolutely, positively has to be the nominee, he will support her but he won’t like it. Ideally, Biden will run, win, and continue his legacy for a single term. During that time, President Obama will find a suitable replacement to finalize what he started.

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