Do You Suffer From Social Media Envy?

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Do You Suffer From Social Media Envy

Guest Blogger Robinette Love is speaking on a subject that is quite appropriate, since our lives are filled with constant Instagram photos, Twitter updates, and Facebook statuses. Do you suffer from social media envy?

If I had a million dollars to spare, I would bet that at some time or another, we have all suffered from social media envy.

And guess what?

I would probably double my money.

How many would readily admit to having the little bittiest smidgen of envy? Probably half of one percent.

Envy is something that is never spoken about because there is an underlying stigma attached to it. I mean, who wants to admit to being a “hater.”

Social media, in all of its greatness and wonders, has given people access to other people’s lives. Unlike in real life  where you see the good and the bad, on social media you usually only see the good, the better and the best. Now I am all for putting my best foot forward. I mean, who really wants to see a selfie of me in my perm rods with my moo moo on? Most would rather choose to see that “epic” night of going out when the face was on #Fleek #Beat to the #Gawds–>Sarcasm ends. And the night probably wasn’t all that epic. On social media, we play our highlight reels. For many people, their lives on social media are actually better than in “real life.”

Envy is easy to creep up in times when we are most unhappy with our lives. Maybe the job is not working out and you are being paid less than what you believe you deserve. Or believing that you are not where you thought you would be in life.

“I’m supposed to be living that jet setter life too on the beach with my skimpy bikini from Vicki Secret!”

“How did she get the Louboutins? She does not have a job! I get up and go to work everyday and I have nothing to show for it.”

So how does one deal with social media envy like a boss?

It’s simple. You don’t.

Bosses are strategic in their mindset. They tend to look at the full picture and analyze it. They don’t compare themselves to others. A boss doesn’t look at what somebody only wants them to see and think it is the full story. Often times it is not. Even with all the glitz and glamour, you don’t know someone’s personal struggles and what they have to deal with day to day. Send others your genuine well wishes and watch how your life gets even better. Most importantly, look at your life and see all the things you are grateful for. I bet if you took the time, you can find many things to be grateful for.  For it is when you look within that you fail to see what you are without.


About Robinette

64612_611131938917813_2052090640_nRobinette Love is the H.C.I.C at She Rock Inspired, a lifestyle blog geared towards empowering women to tap into their highest potential–> promoting continuous reflection and self growth. She can be found working out and then accidentally eating a bunch of cupcakes.

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