Do You Still Underestimate The Power Of Social Media For Your Business?


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Social media has become an integral part of our lives, both in personal and professional level, offering endless opportunities for communication, growth, networking, exposure and profit. However, not every business is still convinced of its usefulness.

There seem to be many business owners yet out there that are questioning the role of social media managers, or they seem to underestimate them, ignoring the benefits they may bring for their company. A misconception still floats around the Web regarding the professional use of social media and the actual ROI they may bring, but this actually mostly relates to the way that social media are managed.

“I don’t need social media marketing, I am paying for traditional marketing.”

“Why should I hire a person simply to manage my social presence?”

“I can post on social networks on my own”

“I don’t have a budget to waste for social media”

Have you heard any of these above? I was lucky up to now to work with clients that were either familiar with social media, or interested to be part of this brand new world that offers numerous ways to promote your work. However, there is always someone that doesn’t understand the reason to hire a standalone social media manager, or at least, the reason to pay them at their asked price. This comes to all of us working on social media to convince them with a structured plan on the benefits they may gain through social media marketing, trying to explain them in a detailed way on how our work helps their business.

If you can relate with any of the sentences above, here is what you need to keep handy to use as a reply:

  • Social media takes time. Yes, success does not arrive overnight. Make sure you inform your client that a desired number of likes over a month is not the right way to measure their social media success. It’s a long term work that actually brings you the desired results.
  • Social media requires a plan. A social media manager needs to come up with a plan regarding the type of content needed for each network, the frequency posting and any other details provided. You don’t have to stick completely to this plan, but at least it’s a great start to keep it in mind.
  • Social media needs consistency. Consistency is subjective and depends on the type of business and the goals set for each social network, but it’s still important, in order to maintain the engagement with your audience. Nobody likes a social presence that looks abandoned.
  • Social media needs a budget. Yes, social media set up is free, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need a budget for graphics, management, advertising and content planning. Just like any other type of marketing, nothing comes for free.

Combined all these above, you are able to gain significant benefits for your business. If you still need a reminder though, let’s start with these:

  • Social media increases reach. With such a large population being online, can you afford to ignore them? Traditional marketing may still work, but how about reaching the connected audience? By promoting your brand and your content on social media you are able to reach a brand new target group and expand your customers, provided that you stick to all the 4 points mentioned above.
  • Social media boosts authority level. The reach you’re gaining through social media allows you to showcase your expertise in your field and thus, be considered for further questions and help from your old and new audience. Do not underestimate your possible future prospects!
  • Social media increases audience engagement. There is no better way nowadays to interact with your audience than your social presence. From online customer service to reviews and discussion, it’s up to you to maintain their loyalty and make new followers fall in love with your company culture and of course, your product!
  • Social media boosts sales. Social media ROI may sound tricky, but it’s not, provided that you have clear goals in mind when creating your social strategy. Time to use your new reach and engagement to convert your new followers into clients!

In case you are familiar with all the tips above, make sure you share them with someone that it’s not. It will probably save you time for future discussions on the use of social media. Who knows, this might help you gain a new job in social media management by convincing a prospect client on the reason to hire you!

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