Do You Have A Social Media Productivity Plan?


Do YOU have a social media productivity plan?

We all want our social media efforts to yield great results, but most of us realize it isn’t as easy as “tweet it and they will come.” Like anything else in your business, you’ll need a plan. But don’t worry! Creating a social media plan for serious success is easy, and doesn’t take a ton of time, which, if you are anything like me, is one of your most precious commodities! In this post I will outline four steps for a social media productivity plan:  Create Reasonable Goals, Formalize Your Plan, Measure Success, and Repeat!

1. Create Reasonable Goals

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It’s one thing to say “I want more social engagement!” or “I need more likes.”  But try to quantify it. How many likes would be really helpful? Is it more important to focus on shares and retweets? I remember working with a Chiropractor who only had room for about 50 patients at any one time, so for her, getting 80 likes on her Facebook is fantastic, and then the focus can be shifted to getting her patients (and her potential patients) to share her content. At MarketMeSuite we focus a lot on the Retweets and shares, because social is a huge part of our inbound marketing strategy. Think about your business and what is truly necessary to see some real value.

2. Formalize your Plan

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You have your goals, but how you are going to reach them is another story! This is a step that if not executed correctly could be a large time sink. My team creates a social media calendar for each month, so we can focus on execution once the month starts. Some things to consider putting in your plan are:

– Upcoming Events: Live events are fantastic for social sharing. Make sure to create or find out the event hashtag to get additional sharing power around it.

– Content Calendar for social sharing: This includes thinking about calls to action (like a banner at the bottom of each post) to maximize retweets and shares.

– Press Releases: Do you have any news to share? Formalize it in a release. The format is pretty straightforward, and you can feel free to “borrow” it from MarketMeSuite’s press section. ;)

– Monthly themes of what are sharing: For example, August could be focused on “Social Productivity” and everything in the sharing plan has that underlying theme

The screenshot above is my actual spreadsheet to keep it organized.  I found that Google spreadsheet is often the best way, so I can share it with my team and make the planning collaborative.

3. Measure Success

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Was your goal 60 followers in four weeks, or a certain amount of clicks on shared posts? Check in regularly and make sure you are tracking toward your goal so you can make tweaks as you go. If you aren’t seeing your following grow, perhaps you need to focus more on your engagement outreach strategy, perhaps you need to retweet more of other people’s content to get noticed. These regular check ins help you avoid having to do a major shift in strategy keep you productively working on the right stuff to reach your goals.

One example of a tweak that really worked was when we started to introduce more photos into our social sharing calendar. Posts with photos immediately got more clicks and shares than our text-only based posts, so we shifted, mid-month to put a higher percentage of visual posts.

4. Repeat!

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See how the first month goes, make adjustments, and start the cycle over again. By being realistic about what you are looking to achieve, organizing and formalizing a plan, and staying focused on success, you’ll never run the risk of burning cycles on social without the results.

So, what do you think? That’s not too much work, right? Let me know how you tackle your social media plan!

About the Author:

Tammy Kahn Fennell

This monthly Social Media Productivity column is contributed by Tammy Kahn Fennell. Tammy is CEO and co-founder of MarketMeSuite, the leading social media management dashboard for small- and mid-sized businesses. Tammy launched the MarketMeSuite platform in late 2009 after years of experience marketing her own small business online. Recognizing both trends in social media and the needs of SMBs, Tammy realized an opportunity to help others easily manage & monitor their social media presence, find targeted leads, build engagement and measure the ROI of their social marketing activities. Today the easy-to-use, affordable platform has over 30,000 users. As the owner and editor of the community driven blog,, Tammy writes frequently on social media and small business topics and shares her knowledge and advice with thousands of SMBs via radio, Web seminars and live presentations. +Tammy Kahn Fennell

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