DJZ TxT Hopes to Pump Up the Volume With Musical Texting App


texting, music, mobile appsBrace yourself for a another sort of coffee shop noise: DJZ launched the first musical texting app today. The iPhone app, called DJZ TxT, is free.

DJZ is a new company focused on “DJ culture and the crazy world of electronic dance music.” (The Z stands for Gen Z, the first generation of digital natives.)

The venture’s co-founder and CEO is Seth Goldstein, who also founded

Users select sounds from a database of 250 loops, using emojis. After musical texts have been sent, users can listen to individual texts or complete text conversations; they can also share their mixes via email, Facebook and Twitter. The app expects to begin releasing sound sets by known DJs, of which users will be able to make remixes.

The DJZ website aims to provide multimedia content, including articles.

The startup has a street vibe that diverges sharply from the minimalist aesthetic pioneered by Apple and Google, but it enjoys funding from Index Ventures, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins and True Ventures.

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