Disgusting Medical Jobs [Infographic]


You may have a few choice words to say about your own nine-to-five, but as the saying goes, it could be worse. So the printer is glitchy sometimes and your boss is a real jerk, but at least you’re not cleaning up after crime scenes.

There are some pretty nasty jobs out there, but none so nasty as those in the medical field. Thankfully there are people out there with stomachs of steel. The forensic pathologist, for example, specializes in diagnosing the deceased. That is, they check out dead bodies to see what went wrong to determine the when, how, and why. The only problem is they can’t exactly ask the person what happened, making forensic pathology a singularly hands-on job. In addition to medicine, forensic pathologists have to be educated in DNA technology, firearms, toxicology, and blood analysis as these things could all be significant in the event of a suspicious death or murder.

Still think you have the worst job? Take a look at this infographic below to read more about some gruesome, yet necessary, medical jobs. Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to like and share with your friends!

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