Die Hard Remake Features A Pug Instead Of Bruce Willis And It’s Awesome (Video)


Forget about Bruce Willis, the newest remake of the classic Die Hard movie features an adorable Pug in the lead role.

The hilarious and adorable Die Hard parody was posted to YouTube on March 13 and has since racked up 36,763 views for the team at The Pet Collective. The video has received 504 upvotes and 28 thumbs down votes.

If you love suspense/thrillers and you haven’t seen the 1988 action flick you are in the minority. For everyone else it might be weird to see Bruce Willis’ John McClain character replaced by an adorable dog.

The Pet Collective has uploaded more than 1,300 videos including the equally funny parodies that surround Frozen, Mean Girls, The Lion King, and many others.

Watch the YouTube video and let us know what you think about the Die Hard dog parody.

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