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Did FenixApps Solve The Facebook Marketing Puzzle?


SoPuzzleInAppNotificationsJigsaw puzzles, on Facebook? Why not? FenixApps announced the rollout of Facebook application SoPuzzle, which allows page administrators to add puzzle contests to their pages.

FenixApps said SoPuzzle uses a fan gate, or like gate, so that Facebook users must like pages before participating in contests, and it claims that the puzzles keep users on pages for 20 minutes and deliver nine times the virality of non-gaming apps.

The developer added that the cost of $ 1,090 covers design, modification of messages that are shared, support, popups, in-game advertising, and exporting of user data that are collected, saying that the images that make up the puzzles can be customized.

FenixApps Project Manager Petar Bogdan said in a release announcing SoPuzzle:

Besides the standard set of applications such as PhotoContest and SocialQuiz, we came to the conclusion that there is a large market and a large demand for Facebook games that are to be used on Facebook pages. First, we developed the SocialMemory app, which achieved great results and success, paving the way into making SoPuzzle, so our current and new clients can achieve even better results.

Facebook game apps boost virality and number of fans, while enabling product and service promotion. They’re making interaction with users fun while collecting their data. The results we achieved with SocialMemory are great, and we want to overwhelm them with SoPuzzle and keep fans engaged in-game for more than 20 minutes. After introducing the app on the Croatian market, we will focus on exporting our apps and games to the world market, because there is definitely a big demand for these solutions.

Readers: Are you puzzled?

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