Anna Casa Interiors is the ultimate design destination for the most luxurious interior brands from around the world. Owner and director Anna Dodonova shares the images from her latest design project and her top design tips to maximise your space.

1. Don’t be afraid of big spaces. Some rooms have the potential to be a beautiful open space but be sure not to overcrowd it with unnecessary furniture and accessories.

Mel Yates_Anna Casa_SW10_ 14010a

2. Use lighter colours and fabrics when designing a smaller space. Try materials such as linens and silks rather than velvets or heavy leathers.

Mel Yates_Anna Casa_SW10_ 14029

3. Mirrors and reflective surfaces are a great finishing touch to any room that you are trying to open up. They reflect light throughout the room giving the illusion that it is larger than it is. Add a slight shine to assist with reflection.

Mel Yates_Anna Casa_SW10_ 14425

4. Windows. My first choice when dressing a window is always curtains, small or large – they can elongate a window and open up the space beautifully. The texture will give the space a cosy feel.

Mel Yates_Anna Casa_SW10_ 14108

5. Be brave when designing – take risks. If you see a large over-sized dining room table, don’t be afraid to have some open space around it so that people can appreciate it’s beauty.

Mel Yates_Anna Casa_SW10_ 14280Mel Yates_Anna Casa_SW10_ 14280Mel Yates_Anna Casa_SW10_ 14157

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