Design Solutions for Your Website


There are a lot of problems that can surface when you have a business website to run. A simple search will return thousands of hits that offer possible solutions for everything, including basic widgets and add-ons that are supposed to help your business run smoother. The most important thing you can do when you’re looking to start your online business or update your current one is find a good, dependable web design solution.

There are many different avenues you can take to designing your website, and each one works for different reasons. Looking at your options is the only way you can be certain you’re choosing an option that’s best for you and your company.

Hire a Professional

From human interaction design to straight web graphic design, the tech world seems inundated with options that offer to be your web hosting solution. Figuring out the kind of professional you may need is easier than it looks at first blush. The first thing to consider is the type of design you want to represent yourself and your company. Every single designer will have their own unique style and vision. You need to find a person or company that meshes with your sensibility before you take steps to going forward. It’s very important that you don’t allow your personal vision to be overwhelmed by anyone else, even if they have more experience than you do.

Of course, they will also have a better idea of limitations and difficulty of certain aspects of web design. This means that you should take their advice if it is given. You also need to have a firm understanding of what your company actually does as you look into specific designs. Are you a small one-person operation that deals with a limited volume of work? Perhaps you have a set schedule and a vast backlog. Maybe your work only picks up on certain times of the year.

Do it Yourself

Many sites are run more like of blogs. In truth, there are countless people who are turning to sites like WordPress for their web hosting. Not only do these sites allow you to push out regular blog updates, news and press releases, and advertise to a specific audience, they also allow static pages that could be used to host inventory or a portfolio. These sites also have vastly customizable options depending on how much capital you want to invest in your website as a project.

There are also sites available that are portfolio driven. If you’re a designer yourself, then something that showcases your work is going to be the thing that gets you the most clients and allows you to show your stuff off in a way that grabs attention. That initial pop of flipping through someone’s portfolio is going to be what draws a client into your site, and hopefully prompts them to buy something from your store or hire out your services. Portfolio sites tend to be geared to specific sorts of work, be it painting, photography, or something digital.

This means you’ll already have a sort of brand foisted upon you because of the site you’re using. If you are just starting out, this traffic can be invaluable. If you want to set out on your own, then you may have to think of a hybrid sort of solution.

Partner with a Designer

You don’t have to always use a web designer or graphic artist to help you with your site design and keep it running. You also do not have to have one on constant retainer. If you need help with your web design, many basic designers can work with your ideas, your vision, and get you set up with a hosting platform and a website that you can update on your own. Once you have the basic building blocks up, you should be able to spend minimal time updating your site.

If something comes up that you aren’t sure how to handle, you can always pay the designer that originally assisted you to look at the site again. By having a functional working partnership, you can keep your site going without sacrificing any of your own design vision.