Dear Candidates: The Constitution Allows Americans of Any Religion to be President


It’s so easy to be a liberal. There are very few moral or ethical roadblocks in their way, not because their morals or ethics are higher but because they use them so conveniently depending on the shifting landscape of their political doctrine.

Being a conservative is much more challenging. It requires a system of checks and balances within the fabric of our values in order to see the right way to do things. This challenge, this ethical murkiness, is exactly what the left-leaning mainstream media tries to exploit every time the opportunity presents itself. The current murky waters surround the idea of Islam and the office of the President.

For a quick rehash, Donald Trump struggled to answer a bigoted question about President Obama’s faith and citizenship. He came out of the mild controversy unscathed, but since that genie’s bottle was opened, now the other candidates are being asked to weigh in. Ben Carson came out and said no, American does not need a Muslim President. Ted Cruz came out and said that the Constitution protects any American’s rights to be President regardless of their religion.

Ted Cruz Religion

Who’s right? Both of them.

There are two books that should be guiding the United States. As unpopular as it is to say in today’s political atmosphere, the Bible is the first and most important. It’s followed by the Constitution. All other books or guidelines are secondary.

From a Biblical perspective, we, as a country, should elect Christians to the highest office of the land. That’s not to say that Christians are better, smarter, or more qualified. It’s that the roots of this country have always been and will always be Christian. Some would say that it’s an ignorant statement, but here’s the thing. If and when the country shifts fully away from the Bible, when the power of the non-Christian majority supersedes the strength of the Christian minority, we’re no longer going to be a country as we know it. That’s a hard truth for non-Christians and even some Christians to believe, but it has been through our Judeo-Christian heritage and values that the country has thrived.

From a Constitutional perspective, we cannot tolerate religious persecution or the reduction of religious freedoms even when the religion in question is not ours. That’s the centerpiece of our country’s origins before it was even formed. Those who sailed to America in the 17th and 18th century did so to escape religious persecution. They wanted a land where their faith was not trampled on by the government. That’s what the First Amendment is all about.

To declare that a Muslim, Hindu, atheist, or any other belief system prohibits someone from being President is to take away the freedom that helped to mold out country. It cannot be done. We must allow all religious expression to be safe in our country because once we start taking away religious liberties, all religions will be affected but Christianity will be affected the most.

This is not a question of faith or even politics. It’s a question that surrounds the sentiments of the people. Those sentiments are evolving and many would declare that they’re evolving in the wrong direction. They may be right. However, maintaining the Judeo-Christian strength in this country is not a matter of stamping out all opposition. It’s about living our lives in Christ, voting with our conscience as the Holy Spirit directs, and fighting to protect our freedoms even if those freedoms are shared by other faiths. In fact, we should be defending a Muslim’s religious freedoms as fervently as we would defend our own. Through strength, kindness, and perseverance, we will be able to bring people to an appreciation of the truth of the Bible. When we fight to quash their perspectives, we remove our ability to share the Gospel to those who would hear it.

Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz are not on opposing sides on this issue despite what mainstream media would have you believe. The murkiness in this case is artificial. The only good thing about all of it is that it’s bringing the candidates’ faith to the forefront where it should be.