Day 2 at #SMWLdn: Participant Spotlight (Janet Awe)



What is Participant Spotlight? Social Media Week brings together a unique group of talented and innovative people across all sectors. Every day, I will interview and write up spotlights on #SMWLdn participants, who represent this diverse group.

Name: Janet Awe

Is this her first time SMW London? No, attended last year.

What she’s up to: Public Relations, Communications and Social Media consulting with her company “Awesome Communications”

Twitter: @AwesomeComms

Why are you here at SMW?

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out what’s going on in the social media community and to meet others who are making social media happen in London…it’s great that it’s open to so many different types of people…so many people can access information and find out how best to make use of social media and engage with people.”

How do you use Social Media?

“I do PR and marketing for individuals, not-for-profits and large organizations…with all of them it’s about finding ways to connect with their audiences…for public relations in particular, social media has brought in a new dimension to how we can engage with others. I’ve been doing public relations for 20 years, and social medias injection into marketing in general has made it much fresher.”

This post was written by Scott Shigeoka, a 2013 Social Media Week Travel Award winner. Click here for more of Scott’s writing on SMW.

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