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Daughtry Turns To Facebook, Twitter For Title, Artwork Of New Single


Rock band Daughtry has taken to Facebook and Twitter for the title and artwork of its new single this week. The group’s frontman, “American Idol” alum Chris Daughtry, launched a social media campaign that puts profile pictures of the group’s Facebook and Twitter fans into the artwork for the single. The puzzle pictures will eventually reveal the new song title.

Daughtry told Mashable:

I’ve been seeing a lot of different ways certain products are revealed — even movies — that tease the first image but also involve the fans.

The interactive social media campaign builds anticipation for the album, as well as fan participation.

Most artists just put out their albums and reveal the artwork, but this way, when a fan visits the microsite, that fan will see a blank screen. Only when the fan enters a message via Facebook or Twitter will his or her profile image then become a pixel in the artwork’s mosaic. It takes just seconds to upload and even color-matches itself, so that pictures with a lot of red are slid into a section of the art that is color-coordinated. Fans can use a digital magnifier to zoom in and search for their picture up close.

The creative brains behind the social media campaign, digital agency Hyperactivate, also develops social media campaigns for artists like Katy Perry and 50 Cent.

The mosaic will display tens of thousands of profile pictures — good thing, since Daughtry sports more than 3.3 million Facebook likes and more than 500,000 Twitter followers.

When the whole mosaic is complete, the image will go out across Daughtry’s social media accounts, but it will not be included in the on-sale copy of the new song. Daughtry told Mashable:

I’m an artistic person by trade, and I’ve always been intrigued by album art, even before I was a musician. That was sometimes more exciting than the music. I loved reading the liner notes. It will be a lot of fun to do something like this that will really connect with the fans.

Those booklets are important to me as ever. I put a lot of care into them and make sure the tone aligns with the mood of the album. Thank God they put digital booklets on iTunes.

Readers: Would you participate in a similar initiative by one of your favorite musical artists?

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