Dating Survey Shows Instagram Fuels Men’s Jealousy


In the age of selfies, social photo networks enable jealousy. That’s certainly the case for men dating women with popular Instagram accounts, as noted by WhatsYourPrice. The dating service conducted a survey of 611 users and found that the most jealous men were dating women who were using Instagram over 1.25 hours every day. These women tended to use five hashtags or more per posts, which can occur as often as ten times each week.

That’s probably due to the nature of Internet stalking. It’s less creepy than sneaking a peak into someone’s window using binoculars, but it’s also emotionally debilitating and can induce high levels of relationship insecurities.

Taking and sharing photos, even selfies, shouldn’t induce a jealous rage. But if these photos are digital and their interactions even less physical and intimate than real-life dates, what does that mean for the future of digital interactions?

We know that text-based communications can alter and potentially improve our self-esteem, so it’s natural that viewing text-based interactions and photo exchanges between our lover and Internet strangers can have deleterious effects.

WhatsYourPrice CEO Brandon Wade offers this advice:

Instead of allowing a social media platform to dictate security within a relationship, men should take the likes for what they are: an affirmation of their partners beauty.

That’s certainly optimistic! Instagram is not to blame for jealousy, and it shouldn’t make us jealous. Hopefully, knowing that the act of stalking lovers on there could cause emotional drama will help.

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