Darma Is The Smartest Thing You’ll Ever Sit On


Meet newly funded Kickstarter project, Darma, a different approach to improving one’s posture, sitting habits, productivity, stress level, and overall health. The tech-enabled seat cushion pairs you and your caboose with a mobile application to tell you about your daily positioning, and reminders for when you should take a breather, or go for a stroll.

Nearing 400 backers on Kickstarter, the Palo Alto-based project is fully funded, exceeding its $ 40,000 goal by roughly $ 75,000 with more than a month to go. The self-called “inactivity-tracker” uses sensor technology and algorithms to provide actionable guidance that improves posture to balance sitting time, and ultimately reduce stress. The sensors even detect your heart rate, heartbeat waveform, respiratory rate, and breathing waveform.

Darma aims to solve society’s “sitting problem” which for most of us, accounts for almost 10 hours of sitting per day, 13 parts of the body negatively impacted by excessive sitting, and eventual back pain for 8 in 10 adults. Forget that tech-filled wrist-watch you bought, just put a cush underneath that tush!

Plus, the project has an office-space love story that will give you all the feels:

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