Damp Proofing – A Quick Information Guide [Infographic]

Damp Proofing   A Quick Information Guide [Infographic] image damp proofing infographic

Infographic looking at problems that require damp proofing

Damp is the most common property problem encountered in private properties. Each year, the average home in the UK is hammered by around 15,000 gallons of rain water, so it is no surprise that damp is a big problem for residents of the UK and similarly temperate countries.

Most damp problems are far less serious than they actually look, but whatever the cause, damp can be detrimental to the health of the occupier and the structural integrity of a property.

Identifying damp proofing issues

Rising damp is a common problem but it is often incorrectly diagnosed. There can be many different causes of damp within a property and specific treatment against rising damp would be useless against condensation or a burst water pipe for example. The above infographic should be able to help in the identification of different kinds of damp within properties.

With any number of problems causing damp it is vital that the correct course of damp proofing treatment is installed, otherwise any money spend on repairs will ultimately be wasted.

Source – Wise Property Care: Damp Proofing

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