Crowdsourcing Film: Sacred8 Around SMW13


Forbes contributor Erik Kain said, “There’s something about getting fans and creative people to collaborate with one another that can really add not just quality, but a level of enthusiasm to a project that I find really inspiring.”

We agree. Crowdsourced film is on the rise and we’re excited about it’s future. Which is why we want to bring opportunities to join this to you, our community.

Partnering with WNET, we are inviting you to take part in Sacred, a second-generation crowdsourced film. Asking the question “What is sacred to you?”, the film hopes to highlight the unique and very individual perspective on sacred. Examples of this can include:

  • + a rite of passage
  • + a religious holiday from a personal point of view
  • +a daily ritual
  • + a family tradition
  • +birthdays/weddings
  • + a memorable trip

As SMW13 is a global event built around community participation, we felt this was a natural fit! So, we’re selecting eight SMW attendees from Berlin, Chicago, Los Angles, São Paulo, Toronto, Bogotá, London and Mumbai to film their own sacred moments for consideration for our 2014 film. We’ll be equipping them with a Sacred camera, giving them 48 hours to film and upload a clip and pass the camera on to someone else to continue the journey.

Kicking off with SMW13, the cameras will track this journey until October 23rd. We’ll be able to follow along with #Sacred8 and this interactive map. Plus, no matter where you are, you can also be a contributor by filming your sacred moments and uploading them here.

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