Crafing Fab: DIY Mason Jar Holiday Hostess Gifts


DIY Mason Jar Holiday Hostess Gifts

We are quickly approaching the holiday season, which means that your calendar will soon be filled with with holiday soirees and shindigs. When attending holiday parties, it is only polite to bring the host and/or hostess a gift to show your appreciation for the invite and for the hard work they put into hosting the party.

There are plenty of items for you to choose from, but the best gifts are ones that you can make and create yourself. Being the beginner crafter that I am, I came up with three DIY Mason Jar Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas that you can make yourself. And on top of that, they are also pretty inexpensive to make and easy as pie to do.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Mason jar & tops
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Tags
  • Chalkboard paper
  • Chalkboard pen
  • Fabric
  • Items to fill the mason jars with

You can pretty much fill the mason jar with anything you want. I came up with three DIY Mason Jar Holiday Hostess Gifts that your party giver will love.

Flower Power

Flowers always go over well, especially when they are handpicked and presented in a unique way. Give the gift of flowers that your host/hostess will enjoy, which can be presented as a centerpiece or as mantle decor. Select a fall color palette suitable for the season, of if you know your hostess’ favorite flower, you can use that as well for a personalized touch.

DIY Mason Jar Holiday Hostess Flowers

DIY Mason Jar Flowers

Snacks, Please

Who doesn’t like snacks? Fill the mason jar with gourmet popcorn, pretzels, candy—whatever your hostess enjoys, and seal it with a bow. Your host/hostess will appreciate the thought. Give the gift of Garrett Popcorn by buying a tin of your favorite flavor, filling the mason jar, then keeping the rest of the popcorn for yourself. Yes, you deserve a treat too!

Mason Jar DIY Holiday Hostess Idea

With Love, Beauty

Your hostess spent a lot of time throwing her holiday fete. So show your gratitude with a mason jar filled with travel or sampled sized beauty products. I used Bath and Body Works lip balm, lotion, and hand sanitizer. You can select some of your faves and to fill the jar with, and present it neatly in the mason jar.

You can also fill your DIY mason jar with nuts, candy, etc. What is most important is the thought and work you put into it. It will be a gift that your host/hostess will remember.

DIY Mason Jar Holiday Hostess Gift Idea

(It was sprinkling when I took this photo.SORRY!) 

Hopefully you have found some ideas. My DIY Mason Jar Holiday Hostess Gifts are sure to be a hit for your recipient. Be as creative as you can to give a Mason Jar gift they will remember.

P.S.: These also make good gifts for coworkers (and Secret Santa) too! :-)

The Cubicle Chick