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Tracking breaking news of the explosions during the Boston Marathon through the voices of the people who were there

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Wed, Apr 17 2013 17:28:16

The explosions struck just as Boston Marathon runners were celebrating their physical feat of bravery at the end of the 26.2-mile race. What should have been a moment of victory quickly turned to horror.
The Daily Beast created one of the most definitive accounts with its live Storify of the tragedy, which they kept updating into the night to add this chilling video of the first blast from a runner’s perspective:
Runner captures Boston Marathon explosion ·
Prayers flooded in for the victims across social networks, as The Washington Post wrote in a Storify story for their OnFaith blog that included this image:
Omg this is so scary My prayers are with you #prayforboston ·
U.S. President Barack Obama addressed the events during comments from the White House, in this video that Sports Illustrated featured:
President Obama Speaks on Explosions in Boston ·
Thoughts and Prayers go out to the victims and their families of the #explosions in Boston.. #PrayForBoston ·
Looking at all the elements collected on the blasts, the following two photos uploaded by The Boston Globe were the most used across the many Storify stories on the tragedy. The first showed a runner with police rushing around him, guns drawn:
Police react in aftermath of explosion #bostonmarathon #boylstonst (John Tlumacki photo) ·
Boston Globe Sports
and the moment of flame from the blast:
Photo from our John Tlumacki of explosion on #BoylstonSt #BostonMarathon ·
Boston Globe Sports
This tweet from the official Boston Marathon account was the most quoted:
followed by an expression of sympathy from basketball star LeBron James: 
and other quotes offering ways to help people find out if their loved ones were hurt:

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