‘Controversial Dating Site’ Is the Hottest New Business Model




Carrot Dating, a new dating site that asks users to trade “bribes” for dates, is borderline prostitution. But that won’t stop it from becoming popular. After all, the business model was designed that way

The site, which gained 45,000 paid users within three days of its Oct. 21 launch, has incited the rage of many an Internet user

Wouldn’t you know, that activity happened to give a nice little boost to Carrot’s popularity.

Carrot Dating, the brainchild of MIT graduate Brandon Wade, allows users to “bribe” others for dates. The mechanics of Carrot Dating are simple. Log in and choose a potential date. Pick one of the twenty “bribes,” including dinner, flowers, a shopping spree and plastic surgery, then offer it to another user in exchange for a date Read more…

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