Consumer Psychology and E-Commerce Checkouts (Infographics)


The look, feel and overall experience of a website will lead an online consumer into a purchase. If a customer is unhappy with the experience of the website, with a click of a button they are straight out of there onto Google looking elsewhere. For the majority of consumers, it takes just three seconds of waiting for a page to load before they are gone. It is small details like this which separate a highly performing e-commerce website from the rest.

From a consumer’s perspective, if a brand is lazy enough to not even put the effort into their website – then they will not give them the time of day; that’s the truth.

This infographic investigates the psychology of the average online shopper, analysing what leads a online shopper to completely abandon a website to revealing how effective images and videos are as a marketing tool. Keep in mind that although a brand might have the best e-commerce website to lead people into purchases, without a swift, easy and pain free online checkout the whole process is futile. From understanding how a online consumer thinks can you build a website that truly accommodates the needs of the modern day online shopper.

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Consumer Psychology and E-Commerce Checkouts

About The Author

Kirsten works as a developer for vouchercloud. She put together this infographic with her team to explore the relatively unknown world of e-commerce. She loves online business and the data and statistics which can be found behind it.