Congressional Leadership Must be Changed Before the 2016 Election


JD Power of the Purge for Ted Cruz

Conservatives in Congress are under attack. It isn’t the liberals on the other side of the aisle casting the stones. It’s the Republican Establishment, the “mainstream” that was mandated by the American people to rein in President Obama’s lawless agenda and outrageous spending. Many have chosen to play politics as usual, to do what they can in backroom deals that accomplish nothing rather than to boldly accomplish what the citizens have empowered them to do.

John Boehner is out. Hopefully his replacement will be stronger. Mitch McConnell is next. There are those who will bend to the moderates for the sake of playing the political games. This is unacceptable.

Change must happen now. We still have time to shake things up and stabilize before next year’s election. If we don’t, we risk being a party of turmoil and inaction. That, too, is unacceptable.

We must support Republicans like Ted Cruz who are doing everything they can to make the Republican Establishment do what they promised they would do when we elected them the last two cycles. The saddest part is this: they don’t realize that working from the middle to get nothing accomplished is the easiest way for the Republicans to lose control of Congress. People want action. They want promises fulfilled. They want the conservative ideals that were touted in campaigns to shine through in the form of results in Washington DC.

Many will attack Cruz and his conservative allies. We must do what we can to let them know that we won’t tolerate it. This isn’t a question of scale. It’s not about the far right versus the moderates. It’s about doing what they said they were going to do when they were given the majorities in the first place.