Conan O’Brien On a Quest to Conquer LinkedIn


Part of Conan O’Brien’s genius in the last few years has been his social media savvy. And until recently, he says there was one vital piece missing from his social media empire: LinkedIn.

“I don’t know what LinkedIn is,” he says. “It has to do something with business. I know nothing about LinkedIn. Regardless, I found out I didn’t have a presence and I was enraged.”

To right this wrong, Coco created a LinkedIn profile where he quickly amassed a following nearly 80,000 strong and joined the ranks of LinkedIn Influencers. So far, he’s only posted one blog and it was a parody of sorts, poking fun at the social network for business.

“From what I gather LinkedIn has something to do with making business connections,” he writes. “That’s great, but frankly, I wouldn’t care if it was a website for gym rats exchanging body oil recipes, I’m in this for the long haul.”

Even with his celebrity cache, Conan has a long way to go before he’ll surpass the following of Virgin CEO Sir Richard Branson or Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. Still, he’s already by-passed famed business author, speaker and consultant, Geoffrey Moore, who’s profile picture includes him with Conan hair photoshopped onto his head.

Moore isn’t the only business leader willing to participate in Conan’s campaign of LinkedIn funny-making. Bill Gates thanked him for the business idea and Richard Branson responded, “Come on in, Conan, the water’s fine!”

Ultimately, Conan admits his quest to conquer LinkedIn is an exercise in megalomania. He’s begging for followers on his show and on LinkedIn, and for what?

“That is my mission here—for others to judge me not by the strength of my character, or wisdom of my blog posts, but by the number of LinkedIn followers I’ve amassed for no good reason. It’s needy. It’s shallow. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. This is going to be fun.”


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