Conan Introduces Strict New CDC Protocols For Ebola


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You can’t watch the news without hearing about Ebola.

Well, Conan did a great service to its viewers last night by providing live coverage of a CDC patient transportation run-through using their brand new Ebola protocols, which may or may not involve a swingers-only casino riverboat cruise and a chili cook-off. What’s worse than letting a potential Ebola patient fly commercial? Having them stop by a chili cookout at the Iowa state fair.

Previously, Conan O’Brien addressed this media crisis on his show taking aim at fellow Turner Broadcasting property CNN over the cable news network’s “over-the-top” and “insane” coverage of the Ebola outbreak. In an infectiously funny parody, Andy Richter sparks international panic after letting out a sneeze on-air. CNN suddenly interrupts the TBS late-night show with a special report about the harmless incident.

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In related serious news:

Travelers hoping to return home or visit the United States, are being forced to travel through one of five airports in the United States. Because of the Ebola scare, each of the approved locations are offering enhanced screening for the deadly virus which has now infected more than 10,000 people.

The airport restrictions apply to anyone whose trips originated in Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea. The restrictions were put in place and announced by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and they went into effect on Wednesday morning.

The Ebola scare restrictions were announced as a means to avoid a complete travel ban which has been recommended by some U.S. Lawmakers.

Tori Spelling was hospitalized recently and after showing signs of illness, the former “90210″ actress was treated like an Ebola patient. Spelling was treated for several serious illnesses, but was quarantined like an Ebola patient in order to prevent the spread of infection to others.

The Carnival Magic, a cruise ship carrying a Dallas hospital worker who may have handled fluids from an Ebola victim, docked in Texas early Sunday morning. The ship returned to port in Galveston just after 6 a.m. EDT.

The return home arrives one day after a helicopter landed on the cruise ship to pick up a blood sample from the healthcare worker.

Before the ship returned home Carnival Cruise Lines said the woman was “not deemed to be a risk.”

The unnamed passenger is a lab supervisor at  Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where Thomas Eric Duncan died from Ebola on Oct. 8.

With Ebola on the minds of much of the population, news of a mini-series about the disease has been released. However, the producer assures that the timing is purely coincidental.

The mini-series is being produced for Fox Studios, according to Entertainment Weekly, and is a project of producers Lynda Obst and Ridley Scott.

While the series is based on the 1994 book The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, which takes place in the 1970s and 1990s, the show will also cover the current outbreak.

Obst assured Fox that the series had been in production for well over a year, and that the option to produce the book as a television series was purchased twenty years ago. She further assures that there’s no chance the show itself will be released during the current news cycle.

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