“Computer Show” Is A Tech Talk Show Set in 1983, Interviewing Leaders of 2015


If you ever watched local cable access shows in the 80’s, you know the nostalgic feeling it carries today. Not to mention its low-production value, synth effects, and VHS quality that makes the format entirely extinct in today’s over-populated media-filled world.

Well, thanks to a new program (technically, it’s a web series, and yes, it’s very meta) called “Computer Show,” you can travel back to 1983, the “dawn of the personal computing” at the time.

One thing you’ll quickly realize about “Computer Show” that is unlike anything else from 1983 is the show’s guests. They are actual tech luminaries, from today, the year 2015. Founders, entrepreneurs, and other experts join the the hosts of “Computer Show” to discuss their products and technology. Unfortunately, the guests are, quite literally, stuck in 1983, so most of the tech-talk goes over their heads.

Here’s one of the first episodes, featuring Reddit’s Co-Founder, Alexis Ohanian. Let’s just say, some of Reddit’s simple features, like upvoting and hyperlinks, are a bit too futuristic for 1983.

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