Comcast & Twitter Announce “See It” Feature; Social and TV Continue to Merge


Comcast & Twitter Announce See It Feature; Social and TV Continue to Merge image twittercomcast

In a significant development for social TV, a new feature called See It will start popping up incrementally on Twitter in November. From Comcast, it allows users to watch and record TV shows on their mobile devices or big screens directly through a Twitter post.

Described as a “far-reaching deal with Comcast that aims to turn the social network into a TV-watching service,” All Things Digital notes the potential significance for Twitter depending on execution.

“If all of this works as advertised, it’s a big deal for Twitter. And if Twitter’s TV pitch works as advertised, it can be important for the TV business, too, since Twitter has been arguing that it can help programmers keep eyeballs on their shows and deliver new ones, as well,” according to the article.

As noted there, this deal means a lot for Comcast as well, as the country’s largest pay-TV provider takes a front lines approach to social and TV industry integration.

To that end, Variety writes of Comcast’s big vision: ”While Twitter is the inaugural partner, Comcast intends to make the “See It” button as ubiquitous as a Facebook “like” on any screen where TV content is being discussed. The company expects to build a roster of partnerships that could include other social media giants like Facebook, entertainment-centric partners like IMDB and even rival pay-TV distributors like DirecTV and brands at content companies outside its ownership like Disney and News Corp.”

When it begins rolling out in November, users will only see the See It button inside Twitter posts for Comcast-owned channels like NBC, featuring shows like its social/reality TV hit “The Voice” and others.

By hitting the See It button within a post, “Comcast customers who log in will be able to, depending on the circumstances, start watching “The Voice” live on their big-screen TV or mobile device; start watching an on-demand version of the show; or set their digital video recorder to record the show though the See It feature. Twitter users without a Comcast user name and password will be directed to NBC’s Web site or app to watch the videos there,” details the New York Times.

That same article adds, “The technology will test the interconnectedness of television and the social Web, two media platforms that enhance each other while also competing for advertising dollars and attention.”

As another part of the announced Comcast/Twitter deal, it was made known that NBCUniversal (NBC, the NBC Sports Network, USA, and E!) will join Twitter’s Amplify advertising program, which attaches ads to short video clips distributed on Twitter itself. ESPN, Fox, and CBS have also signed up for Amplify.

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