Collective Restoration: Why Taking A Vacation Makes For A Healthier, Happier Society


In the United States, we love to work hard, and constantly. We sleep with our smartphones. We rarely take vacations, and when we do, we take work along with us.

But what if taking vacation not only made you healthier and happier, as a number of studies have shown, but everyone around you? And what if everybody took vacation at the same time? Would life be better, not just for you, but for the entire society?

As reported in the Washington Post, Terry Hartig, an environmental psychologist at Uppsala University in Sweden, shows that “when people go on a relaxing vacation, they tend to return happier and more relaxed. And those mellow, good vibes spread “like a contagion” to everyone you come in contact with. Send everyone away on vacation at the same time, and that contagion takes off through the population like a viral happiness pandemic.”

Hartig calls it “collective restoration.”

To learn more about the theory of collective restoration, and why the United States should adopt a national vacation policy, read the full Washington Post article here.

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