Colin Kroll, Vine Co-Founder Is Stepping Down


Colin Kroll, Vine Co Founder Is Stepping Down image Vine

Colin Kroll, one of the co-founders of Vine, the six and a half second long video sharing service, has announced that he is stepping down from his current position.

Kroll founded Vine back in June 2012, by October Twitter had acquired the social site for $ 30 million. Kroll remained with the company, but his tenure there is now coming to an end.

Kroll did stress that he wouldn’t be leaving the company he created completely, he says he will remain nearby as a consultant, but won’t be working with the company any longer in the day to day operations of the business.

Kroll gave no further details. Vine had just released a private messaging system less than 24 hours before Kroll’s announcement, there are no indications that the two events are related.

This makes the second Vine co-founder to leave the company this year. Dom Hoffman left Vine in January. Like Kroll, Hoffman also promised to stay on for a consulting role while he worked on a still unnamed project. Is it possible that Kroll decided to join him? When asked “what’s next” for him on Twitter, Kroll stated that he had no details to share at this time.

With Colin Kroll and Dom Hoffman stepping down from active roles in the company, that leaves Rus Yusupov as the sole Vine founder still with the company on a full time basis.

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