Coca-Cola on Social Content: ‘Expressions Are More Valuable than Impressions’


Raleigh, NC – “What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas anymore,” said Coca-Cola senior channel marketing manager Laura Ruff.  While this was bad news for Prince Harry, it can work out well for brands.

At Expion‘s inaugural Social Business Summit, Racing Ahead 2012, Ruff showed how incorporating fan reactions to a brand on social media can actually be a fun part of the company’s strategy.

Coca-Cola takes a “liquid and linked” approach to social media, where the stories should be easy to spread and should also add value.

Social, local, and mobile channels present a ”profound opportunity” for helping customers tell a brand’s story, said Ruff.

Right now, there are roughly half a million mobile users on Facebook. These people are are twice as active as those who access the site through a computer.

“Simple technologies are going to reach the mass of your core target,” said Ruff.

In Europe, Fanta created a voice transformer mobile app that people could use to talk to their friends in funny voices, record the conversations, and post the results instantly to Facebook.

Not too long ago, Coca-Cola racked up 146 million views on YouTube. Of that amount, the company created only 26 million impressions with its own content.

The consumers, on the other hand, brought in 120 million views with their home-made videos, or “expressions.”

During the presentation, Ruff showed a fan-made commercial on YouTube that was done so well that Coca-Cola decided to play the video on its own properties. (With the fan’s permission, of course.)

When the conversations are authentic and real, Ruff said, “Expressions are more valuable than impressions.”






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