CMOs Face A Major Dilemma (Infographic)


How well do you understand the needs of your consumers?

According to the infographic “CMOs Face A Major Dilemma” by Oracle Marketing Cloud, a small amount of CMOs (18%) have a cohesive understanding of their company’s consumer communications.

Unfortunately, understanding the consumer experience is one of many problems CMOs face in their marketing tasks.

With that, I invite you to analyze Oracle Marketing Cloud’s infographic, which specifies the key problems CMOs experience in their marketing campaigns. In addition, the infographic highlights suggestions for streamlining these obstacles:

Stats You Need To Know…

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  • CMOs are expected to fully focus on ROI; in particular, this expectation is set by approximately 74% of company CEOs.
  • However, according to the infographic’s source, The CMO Council, over 80% of enterprise marketers do not have the ability to look over consumer data.
  • The infographic also reveals how 65% of CMOs admit they are incapable of determining their digital marketing ROI.
  • Close to 70% of a company’s content is not utilized on a daily basis.
  • When content on the web does not relate to consumers, 74% of these consumers feel dissatisfied.

How CMOs Can Shorten Their Obstacles

  • Consider what exactly you wish for your consumers to do.
  • Concentrate on both your short and middle term achievements.
  • Encourage your marketing team to work with each other and with other departments.

How do you feel about these “dilemmas” outlined in the infographic? Please leave your response in the comment box – I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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