Clickhole vs. BuzzFeed: Can You Tell the Difference?


Clickhole, The Onion’s clickbait satire site, seems to be having an identity crisis. As The Guardian points out, a recent listicle entitled “8 More Unarmed Teens Still At Large” actually “demonstrates is the usefulness of the BuzzFeed format,” rather than making fun of it, by using the listicle to make a good point.

“Is it a satire of clickbait, or good satire done as clickbait?” wonders The Guardian.

In that vein, Jason Abbruzzese of Mashable created a quiz to see if you can tell the difference between a headline from Clickhole, the site that purports to make fun of BuzzFeed, and BuzzFeed itself. At the time of this writing, most people who had taken the quiz scored zero to 59 percent:

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