Class-Action Suit vs. Facebook Referred to Another Court in Vienna, Austria


EuropeVersusFacebookApp650The class-action lawsuit filed against Facebook last week by Austrian law student Max Schrems and his Europe Versus Facebook group, which reached the plaintiff-imposed limit of 25,000 participants earlier this week, now just needs to find a court, as the commercial court of Vienna rejected the suit and referred it to the city’s regional court, PCWorld reported.

A spokesman for the commercial court called the move a procedural decision and said, as reported by PCWorld:

It is a claim that doesn’t belong at the commercial court, but belongs at the regional court for civil cases.

A spokeswoman for the regional court told PCWorld the judge who was assigned the case will make a decision “as quickly as possible” on whether or not to accept it, cautioning that the court is in the middle of its summer holiday period.

Schrems told PCWorld the move “is not a big deal,” adding:

To us it doesn’t really matter what court we end up in.

The class-action suit was filed in Vienna last Friday, and only Facebook users outside of the U.S. and Canada can join. The multifaceted suit covers topics including:

  • The social network’s alleged participation in the U.S. National Security Agency’s Prism initiative.
  • Its privacy policy.
  • Its tracking of visitors to websites with like buttons.
  • The “absence of effective consent to many types of data use.”
  • Its noncompliance with data-access requests.
  • The “unlawful introduction” of Graph Search.
  • Granting third-party applications access to user information.
  • Monitoring user activity via big data analytics.

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