Christmas Tree In France Looks Like Sex Toy


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I know, we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving so why a Christmas story? Because this one is too funny not to read. Despite what you are thinking you’re wrong: this is a giant inflatable Christmas tree. Well, an installation actually by American artist Paul McCarthy. Definitely, not the British singer.

The clue is in the title: “Tree” and its color—green, according to the folks at Dangerous Minds. McCarthy specifically designed “Tree” for the Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (Fiac) or the contemporary art fair being held in Paris between the 23rd and 26th October.

However, it appears this 80ft erection in the stylish Place Vendome has been “making passers-by feel a little uncomfortable” because, as France TV Info reports, many Parisians are unable to associate this festive installation with “the magic of the holidays,” the site says.

The site says that there was outrage from the far-right groups like Printemps Francais who tweeted their disgust about the work:

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“Taxpayers – this is where your money goes!” said one post, while another claimed the Place Vendome had been “disfigured” and Paris “humiliated”.

Meanwhile the British free newspaper Metro is running a poll on exactly what their readers think the piece represents.

Recently, Parisians awoke to find Paul McCarthy’s controversial sculpture “Tree” looking like a discarded giant prophylactic after it was deflated by vandals at the Place Vendôme, Paris, during the night.

Christmas Tree In France Looks Like Sex Toy image image20

Since its installation the art work has divided opinion with many Parisians outraged by the 80 foot sculpture’s similarity to an… er… adult novelty item. Well, it now turns out that “Tree” was indeed inspired by that very item as artist McCarthy told Le Monde newspaper that “It all started as a joke,” according to Dangerous Minds.

“…I realised it resembled a Christmas tree, but it is an abstract work. People can be offended if they want to think of it as a plug, but for me it is more of an abstraction.”

The “abstraction” was lost on some Parisians with one irate passerby slapping the 69-year-old artist in the face and shouting:

“You’re not French and this has no place in the square.”

McCarthy was allegedly dazed but unhurt by the assault and asked:

“Does this sort of thing happen often in Paris?”

The site says that McCarthy’s previous work includes an enormous Santa Claus with what some critics claim is an unfeasibly large implement in his hand and a sculpture of former US President George W Bush getting intimate with pigs.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, vandals climbed the metal fence surrounding the giant sculpture before cutting the power supply that pumped air into the inflatable and slashing the tether that kept it upright.

According to the Daily Telegraph, McCarthy said he did not want the sculpture re-inflated or repaired. However, the paper also reported that organizers at FIAC said the sculpture would be “re-installed” as soon as possible. Now, that sounds painful…

It definitely brought so much joy. What a bum-mer. I thought they were going to try to squeeze it out through the holiday. Maybe, we are wrong about its resemblance to a certain sex toy, because now it just looks flaccid and depressing. So, have at it readers.

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