Cheat Sheet: CRO Plugins You Can Install In Under 30 Mins


At Crazy Egg, we talk a lot about the things you should be doing on your website to optimize your conversion rate.

But have you ever read one of our tips and thought, “Well that’s just dandy, but how do I actually make that happen on my website?”

For some of our recommended strategies, like better headline writing, CTA placement, or streamlined navigation, it only takes a bit of intentionality and testing to nail down. From a practical standpoint, you can do everything yourself.

For many of our recommendations, however, you can’t do anything without the right tools.

That’s what this post is all about: the right tools.

This isn’t a list of the best tools for CRO (yeah, Neil’s already done that). This isn’t a list of the most in-depth or comprehensive plugins.

Every tool on this list fits the following criteria:

  • Can be completely installed and running in under 30 mins
  • Free or low-cost
  • Compatible with WordPress websites
  • Will significantly boost your conversion rate immediately upon install

Okay, time for your cheat sheet.

1. SumoMe’s List Builder Popups

I could have populated this list entirely with SumoMe products. They’re that good. And they’re all either free or low-cost.

To start off, I want to highlight SumoMe’s List Builder app which works as a popup tool.


In addition to being 100% free, this app is easy to install and, best of all, highly effective at converting visitors into email subscribers.

After installing it on Uncompromised Men, a men’s blog I work with, their subscription rate shot up by 523% and their email list more than quadrupled in just 4 months! That’s pretty crazy, but it’s hardly breaking news.

The benefits of popups are well-documented. From a strictly CRO perspective, they are a no-brainer. Premium options can run you anywhere from $ 30-$ 100 for a monthly service or $ 50-$ 200 for a single-purchase plugin.

SumoMe’s List Builder offers a simple popup with a high degree of customization options for free. You can’t include a picture without coding it in, but the results I previously cited, as well as many of those mentioned in this Crazy Egg article, show that even simple text popups can dramatically increase your conversion rate.

2. Crazy Egg’s Hello Bar

Banner ads tend to be the highest priced advertising option because everyone sees them. You can’t miss the big prominent image at the top of a website.

Hello Bar, a product of Crazy Egg, allows business owners to apply this concept to their inbound marketing efforts.


As you can see, the bar is noticeably prominent at the top of your website. It can utilize a simple “Click Here” CTA button, as shown above, or it can easily be configured to directly collect emails within the bar itself.

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up, and this simple little bar gets results. It accounts for 11% of Neil Patel’s revenue and 20% of Kimberly Snyder’s.

Go ahead and try it out. For optimal results, play around with a few different headlines or offers and see what converts best.

3. SumoMe’s Responsive Share Bar

I’m going to highlight one more product from SumoMe, because this app is pure gold.

Your conversion metric probably isn’t social shares, but more shares equals more engagement equals more conversions, so I’m going to stretch the topic just a little, because you need to see this.


Now, there are a ton of social sharing options out there. At first glance, you might wonder what makes this one special.

For starters, everything you need in a share bar is included for free. Second, it looks good and stays out of the way of your content without any tinkering required (this is far less common than one would imagine).

But most importantly, SumoMe’s Share app will significantly boost your mobile shares.

How? Most share bars are static and not optimized for mobile. Check out how SumoMe’s share bar looks on your customers’ mobile devices.


Unlike most share bars, this one is fixed to the bottom of a user’s mobile screen. It scrolls with them as they read and allows them to easily share at any time.

With mobile internet usage overtaking desktop usage in 2014, it’s officially time to start optimizing for these users. SumoMe’s Share bar lets you do just that. Bryan Harris saw his share count double after installing the app.

It’s free. It’s easy to install. It’s definitely worth trying out.

4. KingSumo Giveaways

A well-designed giveaway is a surefire way to blow up your subscription list.

Bryan Harris used a giveaway to land 2,239 emails in 10 days. Josh Earl landed over 60,000 emails through hosting a giveaway in the same amount of time. WWRD increased its subscribers by 11% using a sweepstake, and noted that customers acquired via the giveaway had a 21.7% higher order value than the site-wide average.

Giveaways work, but only if you add this one, very specific feature.

You have to give participants an incentive to spread the word.

If I’m entering a sweepstake, the more people that join, the less my chances are of winning. UNLESS you give me a disproportionately greater chance of winning with each new participant I sign up.

This is the feature that KingSumo Giveaways provides for you. It takes less than a minute to set up, so you’ll spend more time coming up with the right prize than you will setting up the giveaway.


Lifetime use of this application costs $ 197, but given the ease of use and the results you can see with it, I consider it to be low cost.

If you haven’t hosted a giveaway yet, do it now. It’s the lowest hanging fruit on the tree.

5. Standard WP Text Widget

When it comes to posting opt-in offers on a website, I’ve fumbled my way through far too many broken plugins, complicated themes, and not-quite-there APIs.

I was constantly on a search for that elusive plugin that would let me design a simple sidebar or footer opt-in. A few months ago, I realized I had been making this way too complicated.

High-converting opt-in offers are as simple as a single JPEG in your standard WP Text Widget.

You don’t need to mess with coding in your design. You don’t need to fuss with APIs. You don’t need to limit your theme selection to something that works with a given plugin.

Just design an image and throw it into your text widget. Let’s look at what you can do with this.


Here’s a sidebar opt-in I designed for a coaching blog. It shows an image of the ebook and a CTA button. It has everything you need and clicking any portion of the image takes you straight to the email subscription form.

Alternatively, here’s what it looks like as a footer opt-in.


Simply create a new image and you’re good to go. There’s no need to find and download a new plugin.

This Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

I’m an avid reader of marketing topics, just like you. More often than not, I come away from great articles overloaded with information and trying to figure out how I can work in the concepts and strategies over the next year.

Rarely do I take immediate action on something I read.

My goal for this article is to give you something you will implement in the next 3o minutes. If you aren’t using any of the tools listed here, you should be.

Who doesn’t want a higher conversion rate?

I promise you, these literally only take a few minutes to install. Marketing success doesn’t always have to be difficult.

Go set them up right now and then come back and share your results with me.


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