Chart: These 10 Brands Are ‘Socially Devoted’ To You


T-Mobile and DISH are the most responsive U.S. businesses on Facebook, according to the results of Socialbakers’ first quarterly report for 2013.  This chart ranks the “Top 10 Socially Devoted Brands” for customer service by response time and rate relative to the number of fans.

Socialbakers defines Socially Devoted brands as those “that respond to at least 65% of the user questions submitted to them on Facebook,” the company explained. “Among those, to determine the final rankings, the real number of questions ignored is subtracted from the real number of questions answered for each brand.  Questions are identified by a question mark at the end of the sentence.”

In the full report on brands around the world, researchers found that fans submitted 30 percent more questions this quarter than the fourth quarter of 2012, while brands have answered 50 percent more questions in their effort to meet the growing demand for answers. However, the average response time is slow at 22 hours per question. Said Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab, this “should be ideally decreased to 30 minutes.”

Find out how well American businesses including Target, Best Buy, and Sprint fared in the chart below.

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