Changes To Facebook Algorithm: More News, Less Memes


Changes To Facebook Algorithm: More News, Less Memes image facebook algorithm1The only thing that is constant is change, right?

Facebook announced earlier this week that they are tweaking the News Feed algorithm in order to give more weight to high-quality news stories.

This comes on the heels of Facebook’s announcement that its referral traffic to news publications was up 170 percent in 2012.

According to Facebook:

This means that high quality articles you or others read may show up a bit more prominently in your News Feed, and meme photos may show up a bit less prominently.

And while memes, images with words on them, are often viral fodder, Facebook seems to think that high-quality news stories will be more popular.

Our surveys show that on average people prefer links to high quality articles about current events, their favorite sports team or shared interests, to the latest meme.

Since 30 percent of U.S adults get news on Facebook, and more than three quarters of those consumers get news while on the site for other reasons, Facebook is also rolling out an article suggestion feature to go hand-in-hand with the new algorithm.

Changes To Facebook Algorithm: More News, Less Memes image image001

So what?

This change in Facebook’s News Feed algorithm tells us something we really already knew: custom, high-quality content is essential for your marketing. If you’re not blogging and integrating that blog with social media, you should be.

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