Champion of the Month: Sujong


Sujong Choi is our newest Champion of the Month. Sujong resides in Suwon, South Korea and is our first Champion from Asia! This is very important to Prezi as we don’t have any one working in these time zones. Sujong has helped as tremendously with reaching out to users when Prezi employees can’t. 

How did you first find out about Prezi and why do you like using it over other presentation software?
When I was a freshman, Prezi became famous in Korea. I was so amazed the first time I saw a prezi. Someone used it as a presetation tool during lecture and many students and professers thought it innovative, as did I. From that time, I started to use it because it’s so different from tools. Prezi makes presentations dynamic, but it’s not an empty vessel. In my opinion, it’s most valualbe role during presentations is its zooming infographic. 
How did you become involved in the Prezi GetSatisfaction forum?

I love this software, so I’lve clicked on every link on Prezi’s first page. The Support forum interested me because there are many foreign users and I like to talk with foreigners. Plus it can be helpful to someone! I think it’s fantastic.
In what area of Prezi (or what topic) do you feel you have helped the most users out with?
I couldn’t help very much in any technical area such as something crashing or an error code. Many users unexpectedly have simple problems when using prezi. Though I know a little, I can help users with what I know and learn from them. 
What do you think about our new Korean site and what language would you like to see Prezi implement next?

I really welcome this Korean site. Many Korean users also feel it’s convenient. When I write a reply in GetSat, some users want to write in their own languages, so I could help Korean users by writing to them in Korean on the forum. As far as I know, users of Prezi are drastically increasing. I hope many languages develope.
Tell our users one interesting thing they don’t know about you?

I am strongly interested in advertising. I am studying ads in many ways. I am also inseperable from cooking. I don’t make the best dishes, yet, but when people tell me “that’s delicious”, I feel happier than at any other moment. These two, advertising and becoming a chef are my dreams.