CES News and Notes: Five Things I Learned While at #CES2015

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CES News and Notes Five Things I Learned While at #CES2015

It’s official. Another International CES is in the can.

I’ve been spending the last five days in Las Vegas soaking in everything that is new and next in gadgetry, electronics and technology. And while my head is still spinning at all of the innovation I witnessed, I wanted to share with you the top five things that I learned while at #CES2015.

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The Autonomous Car is Coming. Soon.

While watching The Jetsons and other futuristic shows when I was a kid, I envisioned the millennium to be a place of flying cars and robotic cities. And of course, none of that is currently a part of our lifestyles—yet. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t in the works. Car manufacturers are busy working on the autonomous car—one that is piloted by a human but drives on its own. Both Mercedes Benz and Audi unveiled their prototypes for their autonomous cars of the future. And Audi did one further by actually having their Jack prototype “drive” from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas specifically for CES. So not only is it being developed, but it’s happening. And it will be here sooner than we think.

Hands Free Everything

Phones aren’t the only things that are becoming hands free devices (thanks to voice recognition and prompts). Cars are too. Ford, Hyundai, and Chevy all showcased vehicles that are able to turn our phones into a part of the car. Get directions, emails, and more read to you while you drive. Toshiba also introduced Toshiba Glass which is an accessory for your phone. Get a recipe and cook while using your phone via Toshiba Glass–and see the recipe in the glasses while you cook. No longer will you have to use your hands to look at the recipe via your phone or tablet—it will be in front of you with the glasses. Epic stuff!

Cable and Satellite Companies Need to Make Way for 4K

With cable companies still adding HD channels to their line-up, it’s time for them to think  bigger. Almost every electronics company at CES showcased 4K televisions, which give a higher quality picture than HD. It’s the next big thing (no offense Samsung). Why, I predict within the next 2 years, about half of the digital lifestyle market will own a 4K TV. I hope there is a major plan in place to offer 4K (also known as Ultra HD) via stations and channels.

Sharp Aquos 4K CES 2015

Android Auto is better than Apple Carplay

Car manufacturers are offering both Android Auto and Apple Carplay in many of their 2015+ vehicles. They both allow you to run apps and play music from your phones in your car (via their operating systems), but Apple Carplay is limited to the music it allows users to have access to in the vehicles. Currently, Apple Carplay only lets you listen to music and playlists on your phone; it doesn’t allow you to stream music from apps like Spotify or Pandora. BOO. Android Auto, however, does. So as a serious Apple user and iPhone owner, if I don’t own the music, I can’t play it in cars that support Apple Carplay. Kinda big turn off. Apple, please step up your game!

Curve is the Word

The curve design has taken on a life of its own, and I saw it everywhere while at CES. From TV’s to phones to computers, the curve design is supposed to give a better picture and be easier ergonomically for us to handle and carry. As a person who didn’t see what the big deal was in the curve design during last year’s CES, I now see that the flat screen is on the way out and the curve design is where the future is going. The curve design is taking over, folks.

Curved TV CES 2015

CES takeaway? The future is now, and technology is moving faster than the rules are. While we are on a quest to live a total digital lifestyle, more integrated technology is becoming the mainstay.

I cannot wait to see what CES has in store for next year.

You can check out a video I recorded and shared via Facebook re: top #CES2015 trends:

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