Carrie Underwood the Musician and the Mom


American Idol fans, country music lovers, and rag readers alike will be happy to learn the Carrie Underwood (winner of American Idol’s 4th season in 2005) is expecting a baby!

Carrie and her husband, Mike Fisher, announced her pregnancy on September 1st by posting this adorable picture with her two dogs, Ace and Penny:

Over the past decade, Underwood has been involved in a large group of tours, collaborations, and award shows concerning her musical talents.  Many of her songs, such as Inside Your Heaven, have been listed on the Billboard charts.  She has won 6 Grammy Awards, eleven Academy of Country Music Awards, 7 American Music Awards, and sixteen Billboard Music Awards.  On top of all of this, after Michael Jackson’s death, at the 2010 Grammy Awards, she was handpicked to sing during his tribute because she was highly admired by Jackson.

And, let’s not forget Fisher and his many talents as well.  Mike is a professional Canadian Ice Hockey player for the Nashville Predators (part of the NHL) and used to be a player for the Ottawa Senators.

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After looking at, and hearing, Fisher and Underwood’s talents, people will honestly expect their child to be a creative and physically active member of society one day.  How could anyone honestly believe otherwise?

A child, though, must grow up to become whoever they are, no matter who their parents are, or what others expect of them. Here’s to wishing Carrie and Mike a healthy pregnancy and bouncing bundle of joy in the near future.

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