Business Manager: Facebook Prepping New Single Interface For Brands, Agencies


BusinessManagerGraphic650Facebook is preparing a new product that will give enterprises and agencies a single interface to manage multiple ad campaigns and pages, the social network confirmed to TechCrunch, saying that Business Manager is in what it is calling “focus release” with a select group of clients, and adjustments will be made before it is rolled out globally. A release date was not specified.

TechCrunch pointed out that Business Manager will allow its users to perform many tasks that are currently possible only with the help of Preferred Marketing Developers, such as analytics, content management, and monitoring the performance of ads.

According to TechCrunch, Business Manager will allow brands and agencies to manage pages and ads via a single interface, fully separating users’ professional and personal Facebook data, and allowing them to establish permissions and payment access for team members. TechCrunch added that when migration to Business Manager is eventually enabled, existing ad campaigns or scheduled posts will not be affected.

Marketing Envy CEO Amit Lavi told TechCrunch:

You no longer need to friend a user in order to give him management access to your page. You don’t need to know the email associated with a person’s Facebook account in order to give the access to your ad account Large advertisers can switch funds between accounts independently without waiting for their Facebook rep thanks to centralized payment methods.

My experience from both working at Facebook and with agencies is that account management, permissions, and finance are the biggest hassle and consume a significant amount of time that should be dedicated to the core business of managing campaigns for clients. Facebook’s PMD partners are not going to be happy with this product as Facebook continues to copy successful third-party features for its own platform.

Readers: What are your early thoughts on Business Manager?