Business Blogging is a Waste of Time: 3 Reasons


Building a high-quality and popular “industry news” page or business blog for your company is hard work. You have to create at least 2 original pieces each week, and those pieces (whether video, slideshare or text) have to be good! People have to WANT to read it, find RELEVANT HELP there, and choose to SHARE IT with their friends. If you can build a blog with those qualities, you will begin to emerge as a trusted authority in your industry. But…

This type of business blogging takes hard work and skilled writers/creators. So why should you spend so much time, money and effort developing this kind of high quality business blog? Isn’t it a waste of precious resources?

3 Reasons That Make Business Blogging a Waste of Time

I’m just going to highlight the 3 top reasons that make business blogging a waste of time

1. When you want to keep your lightening fast bounce-rate.

Yep, if you’re doing an awesome job with your social media engagement, and putting

out the right kind of FB posts and Tweets that attract people to your site, then the only way you’re going to KEEP people on your site is to have excellent content there! If your goal is to use your site to demonstrate your expertise, your ability to answer people’s real questions, and to point them to a product or service that they’re really in need of, then you MUST go strong into business blogging. Otherwise, they’ll click on the cool link in Twitter, come to your site, see that there’s really nothing worth their time, and hit the road. So listen: if you want people to bounce quickly, just forget the industry blog on your site. Give them nothing worth staying for, and they’ll be gone before your site

Business Blogging is a Waste of Time: 3 Reasons image hiding

analytics can register their visit!

2. When you like to remain hidden.

Oh yes! A good business blog will bring interested customers to your site, and get them talking about you socially. A few months of providing relevant, timely, engaging content and you’ll have a little following that’s talking WAY TOO MUCH about you. One satisfied reader tells his 600 followers, and off it goes. Your quiet little site with nary a comment made on your posts nor a link shared, will soon creep up into the spotlight and the right people that need YOUR product and service, will be bothering you. So remember: if you like the anonymity that you’re currently enjoying, then you must stay away from high quality, authoritative industry blogging. Bad, bad, bad!

3. When you want your competitor’s Brand to stay ahead.

C’mon! I’m serious here! If you want to stay a few steps (or a few pages) behind your main competitors, then just let THEM do the work of building a reputation as the “go-to site” for helpful information about your industry. Let THEM be the ones to establish themselves as the trusted authority. The spot-light of good SERPs will shine on them, and you’ll be able to rest comfortably in their shadow. THEY can worry about being the best place to get insightful analysis. THEY can worry about creating entertaining content that engages the readers. THEY can worry about creating trust and a reputation for read-worthy content. You don’t have to do anything! It would be a waste of your time to build that sort of content strategy, because it will only cause you to gain on your competitors. My advice: drop that blog, and let your competitors do all the hard work!

Final thoughts about your decision to avoid business blogging

OK, I’ve done my best to help you identify the core reasons it would be a waste of time. But if I haven’t convinced you, and you actually DON’T want a terrible bounce-rate, an invisible digital presence and a continual lagging behind your competitors, then a business blog really WOULD be a good idea for you.

Do you need some help getting started? Do you need some help sharpening it up? We can help you at Shift Digital Media.

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