Build Your Business On Your Strengths, Hire Your Team To Cover Your Weaknesses


Many people dream of starting their own business. But are you cut out for the entrepreneurial path? Are entrepreneurs born or made, and is there such a thing as entrepreneurial DNA?

According to Entrepreneur, the greatest key to entrepreneurial success is knowing your strengths.

“It’s not about what type of person you are, it is about knowing what type of person you are. The one essential characteristic that makes a successful entrepreneur is a capacity for introspection. The entrepreneur who succeeds is the one who truly knows his or her own strengths, and builds a business around them.”

If you think about some of today’s most successful businesses – Disney, Apple, Google, Amazon, Virgin– you recognize they succeeded because they knew where they excelled and organized their management structure accordingly. Each company was designed in a way that allowed the founder to spend almost all of his time working on what he or she loved to do. Success followed.

Entreprenuer asked business coach Lex Sisney (cofounder of and author of Organizational Physics) to weigh in on the question of what makes a successful entrepreneur.

“I think a business can reach a modicum of success with any entrepreneur who’s smart, hard-working and determined,” he says. “But only an entrepreneur who fuses his or her unique talents with a driving sense of purpose can achieve a transcendent level of success, and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it.”

To become a successful entrepreneur, the key is not only to understand where your greatest talent lies, and build a business around it, but to know your weaknesses as well. When you know where you’ll need support, you can build your team accordingly. Entrepreneur explains:

“Don’t hire people who are just like you. Instead, bring in people who complement your skills by excelling where you struggle. If you fail to do this, you’ll end up spending a lot of your time working in your weak areas, experiencing a ton of stress in day-to-day operations as a result.”

To discover the best tools for better understanding your strengths and weaknesses, read the full article on Entrepreneur here.

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