Bugs Reveal Cracks in Google Services


connection_timeoutGoogle has been glitchy lately. It was only a month ago that a system-wide outage killed 40-percent of online traffic. Monday there was a GTalk bug that took 10 hours to fix and this morning there were reports of a glitch in the same app which sent messages to the wrong people.

According to a statement on the Apps Status page, messages sent after 1:30 am PST should be unaffected, Google admits it is still investigating the issue.

The news is disconcerting, to say the least, considering the level of bugginess in the Google apps recently. No doubt the brains are working to make improvements, however, trust is easily eroded when messages get delivered to the wrong person and people are locked out of their email accounts.

After the news of the tech companies sharing our data with the NSA, we really don’t need more reasons not to trust the companies that handle our communications. Perhaps our trust is misplaced.

With the outage followed by a series of glitches one might wonder if Google getting too big for it’s britches. Is one of the biggest and most prolific technology companies of our time suffering growing pains? And have we become too dependent on Google for our own good?

Image license AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Mihael.Mafy

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